La Parota Mexico RV Park Completes Community Terrace

La Parota RV Park, in Lo de Marcos, Nayarit is one of the Mexico RV Parks that is built to American standards.

Juan at La Parota RV Park welcomse youThis summer was busy for Juan and his crew, who seeded more lawn, planted more bushes and trees, drilled a second well, upgraded the power utilities, extended the WiFi network and added a second level to the baños for a community center on the second level terrace.

Juan and the campers have many plans for the new community terrace, including yoga, dancing, games and dinners. Massage may be offered as a bonus if Cat decides to haul her table up there, otherwise Cat will be doing Energy Medicine and Massage in the area next to her RV.

The yoga classes starting in November taught by a professional yoga instructor from San Pancho. These yoga classes are also bi-lingual. The new space seen here is perfect!

If you come to Lo de Marcos for a vacation, to stay for the winter, or move here for life, La Parota RV Park will be here to help you with your overnight stays, camping friends and visitors, and anything else you might need while here in Mexico.

Visit Lo de Marcos on the Riviera Nayarit for you next Mexico Vacation.


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